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“Our company is dedicated to creating innovative multi-sensory theatre for young individuals with Special Educational Needs, more specifically Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities; providing them with opportunities to explore and discover in a playful and engaging atmosphere. We aim to create work that is accessible; inviting audiences that may not always feel included by the arts to experience interactive, collaborative and age appropriate theatre.”


Moonbeam Theatre create multi-sensory theatre for young people with special educational needs (SEN) and/or profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD.)

Our audience is at the heart of all we do, which is why we create shows that not only accommodate the needs of our audiences, but also incorporates each individual into the fabric of the performance.

We want to challenge mainstream views about theatre being passive, and show parents and carers the possibilities multi-sensory theatre provides to young people with SEN/PMLD.


  1. Environmentally conscious – as a company creating work for children we not only want to have a positive impact on their present, but also on their future. We don’t want to create a show that our audiences will have to clean up in the years to come!! So, where possible, we will use recyclable or reusable materials in our performances.

  2. Creativity in each of us – we believe everyone has a creative potential, so we aim for our work to create an environment where audiences feel comfortable to express themselves and feel inspired.

  3. A heart for the community – being based in Canterbury, we are looking to work closely with schools and groups in Kent, to build relationships and to create performances tailored to the community we are working in, not imposing what we think our audience would like.

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